Halloween, anyone??

We just had a Halloween do with our (nearly) 7 year old niece. Not having children, its something we have not bothered with since we we kids ourselves – quite a long time ago! I remember Mum making me a fab witches outfit made out of bin liners, theres a photo somewhere…

As amazing the internet is, could I find an appropriate spooky story to tell my niece?? Many of them were a bit too scary for a 6/7 year old. A friend and my nieces Mum have suggested Winnie the Witch. I left it too late though but luckily I still have my Roald Dahl book – Revolting Rhymes, his take on popular fairy tales, very funny!! Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood went down a treat!


I think it is still in print, would recommend this to anyone, I still laugh reading it now and have owned the book for over 30 years!!

Right, I have to go to work, so Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it, dont get too spooked!! BOO!!


A Few Pics

Sorry, bit behind on blogging, have been without my laptop for a while, using the phone is a long process with the tiny keypad!! Anyway, got my laptop back and now only got to find some time to blog!

So, the most recent news is that a new shop has opened down the road and she would like to take some of my stock – on a sale or return basis – which is great! Not hitting the big time, this is a quiet, tiny town, but am very grateful 🙂

Unfortunately the shop has no internet presence – will have to work on that!

Anyway, got to go and help unblock the dishwasher…nightmare!!!

So to keep you peeps interested, a few pics.

Heres a picture I made for a friend recently. The roses are made of felt and very easy to do, stems are stitched yarn and all on a lovely grey background. Added some beeds to lift it a bit.

It was my first attempt and am quite please so may do more in the future.

pic loopy

Heres a pretty wool bracelet I sold last Sunday


Love this bright felt flower brooch, really cheery on dull days like today!


Finding time to craft

‘Its all go’ as an old friend used to say (99yr old!). Busy with the gardening, still playing catch up! A shop has just opened here in North Tawton and the owner would like to sell some of my work!! Its a small place but its a start! She sells many pretty things. Unfortunately no online presence but will try to encourage that. Also got a couple of shows lined up, let you now nearer time. Would be doing more but all the Xmas ones are on when I am in Barcelona! Well, theres always next year 🙂