Great News :)

Dartmoor Chapel Crafts, a new craft shop, will be opening for business next month (date to be finalised) in the very pretty Dartmoor village of Belstone, just a few miles from the A30 and Okehampton. The owner of the chapel (also known as the Telegraph Office) aims to promote and sell local crafts, my crochet being just one of a number available 🙂

There will also be childrens clothing from SiaSar, natural soap from The Dartmoor Soap Co., silver jewellery, photography, paintings, pottery…and more! Will keep you posted re the sellers.

There will also be the potential for young artists/crafters to promote their talent.

So, hopefully it will be a success. For the time being it will only be open weekends and bank holidays, just to see how popular it is. Belstone is busy with tourists and locals as it is a great start point for walking on the moor. There is a pub and possibly a cafe soon so fingers crossed. Watch this space 🙂

telegraph office



A few months ago,  our local doctors surgery was having a refit and my husband happened to be walking past when some furniture was being thrown in a skip. He rushed back home and told me to get in the van then drove us both to rescue 4 dining chairs, a table, a small cabinet and a wooden box on wheels! Not bad for freebies 🙂

I’ve decided to repaint all the chairs to sell on. I seem to have a surplus, aside from our 4 round the dining table, there’s another 4 or 5  that are huddled in a corner waiting to find a home! I fear I am a bit of a hoarder.

Here’s the first finished chair. ..


I’ve used a green chalk paint and a finishing wax, having distressed the paint a bit first to give it that ‘lived in’ look. Then I had to add a bit of crochet so made a seat pad using a lovely blue wool, produced in Yorkshire.

I am starting to use more British wool in my products, now I am a bit more confident with my work. It is more expensive but I think people appreciate work made using ‘home grown’ materials. It is possible that I may be able to buy wool so local that I could walk to the shop!! There is a plan to reopen part of the old mill in my town 🙂

There has been a wool mill here for hundreds of years in some form or another. A number of buildings of varying ages still stand on the site (closed 1992), all rather derelict now. Our house was built at the same time as some buildings (around 1890s) and its likely that it housed workers from the mill. Wouldn’t that be something, wool from the local mill being used in a house that was home to a mill worker?!

Fingers crossed funding is found for this new venture that can really help a small town get noticed. We have only a handful of shops and have just lost two in the last month, though to be honest, am not suprised they have gone, they just weren’t offering what the customers wanted. There is a small housing estate being built on the edge of town, with rumours of many more to be built so maybe the shops will return? Lets hope so.

Back Home

Hi everyone, am back from my hols in Ambleside. It was a lovely break though unfortunately my dog became very unwell on our last night and had to be rushed to the vet in the early hours. We really thought we were going to lose her but thankfully she is now back to her pretty self! Seems she ate something she shouldn’t have, no idea what it was but it made her very sick for a week. Anyway, she’s better now, phew!

While in Cumbria, we took a trip north of Keswick to a small  village called Caldbeck to visit…yep… a wool shop! It is called The Wool Clip and sold many pretty things made locally and using local wool. Yes, I did treat myself to some Herdwick yarn. It it’s a bit coarser than other yarns so more suitable for home wares than clothing.

I love Cumbria, such a beautiful part of the UK. Our holiday cottage was above the town and had fab views…..


Will be returning one day.

This weekend, I managed to buy even more wool!! I discovered that there was a wool show nearby called Proper Woolly and had to go. What a choice of yarn! My best find was some Jacob wool that comes from sheep I actually drive past once a week. Pretty local! I also bought some gorgeous linen thread from namolio and some beautifully dyed wool from a chap in Wales…..


It’s been a while since I finished a project but hope to have a completed bunny this week. Will show you when done. 🙂