Another Animal Needing A Home

Well, what a weekend! Our cat Ronan had been missing since Friday and I have been up all night worrying, luckily he came back this morning and seems fine. I expect he’s found another place to hang out – we have had noisy buliding work going on all week and think he may have had enough! So all good there.

I have managed to finish another crochet pal and have just taken it to Dartmoor Chapel Crafts along wth a vintage crochet blanket I found…..


Say Hello to Hippopurplemus! He is now company for Little Pink Bear, lets hope they find their forever home and don’t go wondering off for days!!

There is finally a bit of sun after a pretty wet few days, better get out there while its dry!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


Sold :)

Just found out that some lovely person has bought Wooliphant from its temporary home at Dartmoor Chapel Crafts, Belstone, so that’s 3 of the animals I crocheted have sold, leaving poor little pink bear all alone 😦 Not to worry as I have just purchased some more yarn from Rockin’ Beads Yay! Now I just have to decide what cute critter to make next….

I have just finished a trio of jute baskets that a friend is going to take to a shop in Bristol. He has a fantastic coffee table for sale there and has offered to show my work to the shop owner :), so fingers crossed!! Will let you know if it goes well.

Crochet is still a hobby for me and probably always will be, though every time I make a sale it makes me want to keep going and maybe it will grow into something more substantial. Am still happy with how things are now, anything I sell just helps towards buying more yarn to make more crochet. And so it goes on! x

….And Then It Rained!

What a miserable start to the day! We nearly cancelled today’s gardening but thankfully it looks like this downpour is moving away pretty soon :). We have been rather unlucky with our summer weather so far, here’s hoping for a warm and dry September.

I am delivering little pink bunny to one of my gardening clients this morning….20150814_071635

There are loads of other animals in this style, think it should be a sheep next, I’ve got some lovely Jacob sheep wool to use 🙂

Another project nearing completion is a nest of baskets made from twine, just need to make one more and then it’s off to the chapel in Belstone to be (hopefully) sold.


If  you see anything you fancy, let me know, happy to ship anywhere.

Time to get ready to go to work, the rain has eased off 🙂

Have a lovely day x


Summer at Last!!

Morning people, hope you had as much sun as we did in Devon yesterday. Looks like it’s going to be lovely today too. About time! Shame I am indoors all weekend, though for a good cause – selling Devon crafts 🙂

it was really busy at Dartmoor Chapel Crafts, Belstone, yesterday though my crochet is not doing too well. Not sure why as am getting great feedback. We maybe opening through the Autumn and am sure I will fair much better with my scarves, mitts etc – though don’t want to drive this weather away just yet!

I have made some jewellery using glass beads from a Devon supplier with linen or cotton thread. I am really pleased with them and will get some up for sale on Etsy asap. I am also planning on making baskets from plastic bags, not something I’ve done before but it will be fun having a go. So many ideas, so little time.

I have almost finished a pretty pink rabbit which will be homed with a clients granddaughter, just got to make the tail (which I had nearly forgotten to do!). Will pop a pic up when done. Another work in progress is a summer shawl made from gorgeous alpaca and silk yarn. I started a pattern ages ago then realised it would take far too long to finish in a reasonable time so am now using a much simpler pattern….it’s still taking ages!!

Well, better get myself ready for todays visitors. Have a great Sunday x

Craft All Weekend

I will be manning Dartmoor Chapel Crafts this weekend from 12 til 5, the weather is looking good so why not plan a lovely walk on Dartmoor and pop in say hello and have a look at our local crafts.

The makers of Moretonhampstead based Green Shoes are now selling their beautifully handmade shoes in the chapel, take a look at their website here. Tempted to buy a pair for myself!

There has been a steady flow of people coming through the doors since it opened and we are now wondering if we should keep it open during the Autumn. This would be great for me as I can then make and sell scarves, cowls and mitts, which have always been popular. We may be having a Christmas opening too, will keep you posted.

Well. now I have to concentrate on todays tasks – pruning wisteria!

Have a great weekend 🙂