Holiday :

We are off to (hopefully) sunny Wales tomorrow for a break before the gardening work goes crazy. Really looking forward to being right next to the sea for a few days.

I have been checking out what to do while there and have found a wool museum and another working mill nearby!! Hoping I can get hold of some Welsh yarn. The first thing I have packed is a bag of yarn, am I a little obsessed do you think? 😉 I do have a couple of commissions to get on with so may as well take advantage of this free time.

There are, of course, other things to do in Wales. There are many castles and ancient monuments to explore. I love these old places. We will have a choice of sandy beaches too and they should be fairly quiet as it’s out of season. Many beaches here have dog bans from Easter, so we go just before so our Ella can get some sand in her paws. We also like to avoid school holidays – much less busy and much cheaper. One benefit of not having children. Won’t stop me taking a bucket and spade though!

So, I better go and pack some more. If I can get online, I’ll post some pics.

Hywl fawr am y tro!

Goodbye for now x


Mandala Madness

A finished product and no mistakes! It is pretty bright, just what’s needed on such a dark and wet day. I am already working on another and hope to have a few more done before my first fair at Belstone on 17th April. I have really enjoyed making this and discovered a new stitch too 🙂

I can make these mandalas in any colour combo and may try another pattern so let me know if you would like one. They make a lovely table decoration, or if in my house, something for the cats to sit on!



Missed Stitch

Remember  I said I had nearly finished a sequinned shawl? Well I’ve done it and was rather pleased with myself until I realised I  missed out a stitch right at the beginning 😦


It really isn’t worth undoing and because of the type of yarn I have used, it would be a nightmare to try. It is not an obvious mistake but makes the shawl asymmetrical (if you look closely!). Now I don’t know what to do with it. Possibly sell it at a bargain price or use it as a sample. It isn’t something I would wear myself, sequins are not me! I really made it with weddings in mind.  Oh well, I obviously need to concentrate more. Will do better next time!

I received my monthly magazine, Simply Crochet, yesterday and there is a pattern for a shawl so am gonna give it a go and this time will not have the tv on!

I have just booked 2 dates for the Belstone Bazaar, one in April and one in November so hopefully will have some more stock -without any mistakes!

I still have various pieces for sale at Kooky Nook in Okehampton (next to the museum), so pop in if you are in the area.

A Splash of Colour

Hello Spring!

….and a typical Spring day it is too – wet! Ah well, we are used to it. I got sunburned in March last year so you never know…

I have nearly finished my first mandala, just a few more rows, then will have to block it and that’s another piece of crochet for the house 🙂20160301_121103.jpg

Will show you another pic once completed. I have also nearly finished a sequinned shawl suitable for a summer wedding perhaps?

I have not decided where I am going to go with my crochet this year. I have been very frustrated with many of the craft fairs I have been to in the past, they tend to be very poorly advertised/organised and end up being a waste of time and money so I may not bother with most. I must say the Belstone Bazaar is the exception, always well organised and well supported by the locals, so will keep returning there. I think the next is is in May so will keep you posted. In the meantime, I have to put on my gardening hat and get out there earning some money (more yarn needs to be bought!).

Enjoy the new season 🙂