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This made me giggle 🙂

Artwork by OakOak Street artist OakOak uses a plant’s purple flowers as the hair for the popular Simpsons character, Sideshow Bob. The tiny, site-specific artwork was spotted in Saint-Etienne, France and is sure to bring a smile to any passing pedestrians with a keen eye and love for the long-running, animated series. via…

via Picture of the Day: Subtle Sideshow Bob — TwistedSifter


A Whole Rabbit??!

Am sure most of you know that I am a gardener, gotta work to pay for all the wool I buy ;). I live in a beautiful part of the country and get to work in some fab gardens. All the better when the sun shines!

I was working in one of my regular client’s garden yesterday. One of her dogs came trotting up the steps looking rather smug, I could see why as there were 2 rabbit legs sticking out of her mouth!! She was doing her best to swallow this rabbit whole, naughty girl. It was eventually removed from the dogs jaws though she insisted on keeping its head as a trophy. We think the rabbit was already dead when the dog got hold of it. Gross! Seems headless corpses was the theme of the day as I had found a bird without one on our drive. Thanks, cats. Am also watching The Walking Dead series where the main objective is to remove heads from zombies!

Anyway…. I am at home today doing chores and looking after our elderly dog. At the age of 14, she has really slowed down and become increasingly fussy about what she’ll eat. I am now cooking meat for her, not easy as am vegetarian and have been for 25 years or so. It’s beef chunks this morning!

Hopefully going to a kitchen showroom to finalise plans this afternoon. Yay, new kitchen 🙂 very excited though when it’s done the rest of the house will look scruffy so will want to decorate ever other room! Not looking forward to the upheaval but it’ll be a good opportunity to have a clear out. We have so much stuff we never use.

Hmmm, a clear out….I really must sort out my work space. My table is piled high with balls of wool, I just fail miserably at keeping tidy. I did actually admit to myself that I have too much yarn. Saying that, I am purchasing more tomorrow! I have come across The Dartmoor Yarn Company and the owner is popping over to show me her wool from sheep grazing on Dartmoor. I want to make more crochet with natural fibres and if local, that’s even better!

Well, the chore fairies have failed to show again, so best get on and do them myself

Have a lovely day 🙂

The Great British Summer….

Hmmmm, not impressed so far. Very not impressed with last nights forcast!! ‘Heavy rain acrross the South West all day’, so we cancel work….yup, you guessed it, didnt rain til after 3 and only a little. So now a day behind, good job we have such lovely, understanding clients. We usually wait til the morning to decide whether or not to cancel, but the Met Office and the BBC were so convincing! The best weather forcast is looking out of the window.

Anyway, enough of this moaning. Popped into Kooky Nook to deliver a pair of seat pads (£15 each if you’re interested). Have to say, the shop is looking fab, well done Kate! All locally made crafts. As well as cards, crochet, wooden storage and soap (along with more crafts),there is a lady who makes lampshades, you can provide the material and she will make it at a very reasonable price. The shop is right next to the museum in Okehampton.

Am a bit lost as to what to crochet next. I have not had much time to do any recently, only seem to get a couple of hours in the evening. I only have one big fair which isn’t til August but I really need to get going with it, want to take the oppurtunity to really show off!

I will be glad when this month is over, it has been so busy at work and a bit stressful. May is  a very difficult time of year for me and my family anyway so looking forward to a bit of time out soon.

Well, lets hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, can’t afford to cancel again!



So Much To Do…

Work has gone a bit crazy, gardening work I mean, not my crochet!! As with every other year, everyone wants their garden looking good now so am busy trying to get all the various planting jobs done and hopefully get some summer bedding bought. The weather has been pretty cold so any tender planting may have to wait a little longer, the sun is shining today but the wind still has a bite to it.

Our garden is also coming along nicely. The lawn is down and some planting has been done in the beds. Lots more of that to do. Husband has also been busy building a small shed for the mower and will then be onto some compost bins. I spent some time potting up some veg and annual flowers so are catching up, though still havent planted the potatoes! Lets call them an extra late variety 😉

Sew Vintage will hopefully reopen in its new location this Saturday. I have been helping Liz paint pretty much everything in the shop and will be bringing in the stock tomorrow, best bit!How we fit it all in will be interesting, space is half the size of the old place.You can help by popping in and making some purchases!

One more thing, if you can, watch Countryfile on BBC1 this Sunday, hopefully my friend Sophie of the Dartmoor Soap Co will be on showing us how she makes her soap!