Whatever Next?

I haven’t written a post for a couple of weeks, been busy doing this, that and the other. Thought I’d better say Hi, I’m still here!

Things here in the UK have been like our weather, we just don’t know whats going to happen next! So, we are leaving the EU, our Prime Minister is resigning, we will have a new leader (the choice so far is not looking good), The Labour party seems to be falling apart and Iceland beat England in football (well done Iceland btw :)).

Its a rather negative place to be at the moment. There has been a surge in racist hate crimes since the referendum, which unfortunately comes as no suprise. Some people are so full of hate and anger and to them, the vote to leave has given them the ok to spout their racist nonsense. Humans can be vile creatures.

…and that was the News, now back to my usual yarns…

There will be a new Knit and Knatter group here in North Tawton at the Lakeway Church, starting tonight 7-9 and then hopefully every Weds eve. There will be tea and cake to help with the nattering! I’m not usually the type to go to these groups but it is literally round the corner and I have to give it a go at least once! I think I will take a new project with me, hmmmm, will have to have a think. I have a big fair coming up and need some wow on my stall

Its will be a welcome distraction from the chaos that is occurring at home. We will be having a new kitchen next month and am trying to prepare by packing stuff away so we can use the dining room as a temporary cafe. I am amazed by the amount of things we have accumulated. It is an ideal opportunity to have a sort out and now we have a spare room full of stuff to take to a car boot sale, that is when the weather dries up!

We did ponder quite a lot about having a new kitchen, its all so expensive and the existing one kinda works ok. We decided to go ahead as the cooker is basically rubbish and because it is integral we need to rip out the worktops/units, so really best to do the whole lot!! Trouble is , it will make the rest of the house look scruffy so looks like we will be decorating for the next six months!

Right, time to go out and do stuff, have a lovely day x




Summer Sun

Been lucky with the weather recently and looks like another warm one today. Time for a spot of gardening. Husband is off on the moor for one of his walks with his Dad so I have the day to myself 🙂

We took ourselves out for a change yesterday. It was my late brothers birthday and I prefer to keep busy at this time, rather than be at home with sad thoughts. If you look at my pics, you’ll see him, looks nothing like me, he was a handsome fella, and he knew it! So did the ladies 😉

So, we went out to Coombe Trenchard near Lewdown to the Home and Garden Fair and it turned out to be well worth the visit. It’s open today too. My lovely friend Sophie of The Dartmoor Soap Co was there, not seen her for ages so great to catch up. Her business has gone crazy since she appeared on TV, rightly so! You can buy her soaps online at The Dartmoor Soap Co

There were lots of other stalls including garden ornaments, vintage home wares,  various crafts, food and  plants, which were too tempting for me and so I did buy a couple, knowing full well that my garden is already stuffed but I just couldn’t help myself!

Everything was outside in the pretty gardens of the house. Apparently it is only on every 2 years, which would give me plenty of time to get some stock together. ….

I am still working on crochet, just haven’t finished anything new yet! I have 3 cushions and a mandala on the go, am sure to have one completed soon, watch this space 😉

Have a lovely Sunday x