A Well Needed Break

A friend kindly let me tag along with him in Prague last week for a few days. I didn’t realise how much I needed it til I went. I have been rather down of late and when feeling that way, its hard to snap out of it. A short break is definitely the answer! I am now feeling a lot brighter (and a lot lighter since I started dieting!!)

I am not much of a traveller and have never been on a plane on my own before so was pretty nervous. Flying is not something I enjoy!Turns out I had nothing to fear and am now much more confident with going abroad, its actually very liberating, I have finally become an adult!!

So Prague – what a lovely city, full of amazing architecture, very clean and the people are generally really friendly. Cheap beer too! Heres a few pics….

The weather was fab, very warm and sunny 🙂 look at the blue sky!!

Managed to get some culture with a chamber orchestra in a church, that was a real highlight. I did get lost a couple of times but got me seeing even more of the city. Think I trod every road! I was happily suprised with the food options, much more accommodating for vegetarians than I expected. I actually lost weight while there 🙂

Of course, I managed a bit of crochet, can’t leave home without it 😉



Losing The Middle Aged Spread

I love to crochet, enjoy nothing better than sitting in front of the telly with my hook and yarn, but I can’t do this all day long. I have gotten rather chunky over the last few years and now I am attempting to get rid of the excess.So I have joined Slimming World – online though, can’t be doing with the weekly group meetings, sharing our fat stories!!

I have completed my first week and have lost a whopping 11lb!! Hmm, maybe check those scales again. Its a pretty good plan as you can still eat well and don’t have to cut out all the nice things. It does make you realise how much bad stuff you do eat. I’ve been bad 😦 I have always struggled with my weight, so really need to watch it especially now am in my 40s. I also plan to get off my backside and exercise, mainly walking but will get back on my recently fixed treadmill (thanks, Husband, not!). I can’t face joining the gym again, its soooo boring!! Plus the awful, loud music they play in these places sends me nuts! I happen to live in a very small town in the countryside so all I have to do is walk out the door and tramp along the footpaths round the back of our house – handy!

As far as crochet is concerned, I am close to finishing a lovely lacy shawl. Its taking ages but think it will be worth the effort, Don’t forget, I have a new Facebook page called Naturally Looped check it out and please like 🙂

Right, Im hungry…..