Finished Shopping Yet?

Even though we are having a quiet Xmas, with a couple of friends popping round for nibbles, I have still made numerous trips to the shops buying too much naughty food and drink! I have to go again this morning to get some veg and cat food, crikey, dont let me forget that!! You can’t help but get sucked in to this indulgent time of year. I have no kids and no religious beliefs but still can’t escape the lure of sparkly boxes of chocolate and overdosing on cheese!! Must have some restraint – I’ve lost 2 stone by watching what I eat, don’t want it back, thanks!

Now that Christmas is almost on us, all my crochet presents are done and have no fairs to do. This means a break from hooking…….nah! Im making myself a pair of legwarmers (for home use only, I’m not a member of Fame!!). I will also be making a cat cave using old pairs of jeans, stripped into yarn. There’s many other projects to get stuck into, seems to be nothing I couldn’t crochet 🙂

Well, the shops are calling so better go. Have a great Xmas whatever you are up to xxx




4 thoughts on “Finished Shopping Yet?

    • Mmmm Leroy 😉 enjoy the festive break, stick some ‘Andy Williams at Xmas’ on and fill an enormous mug with mulled wine, if it doesnt get you all festive it might send you off to sleep – win win! xx

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