A Bit Of A Handful

We now have our new family member, Monty the dog, settled in to our home. Well, settled in sounds like its all going smoothly, which isn’t completely true! He is, afterall, still a pup so theres minor issues to constantly think about, like not leaving anything chewable on the coffee table. I left my glasses and were later found with the plastic arm casing neatly chewed! He has also taken a shine to balls of wool, balls of fun for this littlun!! I had to shut him in the lounge for a few minutes and came back to find unravelled wool all over the floor. He had helped himself to my basket of work! Cheeky monkey.


I have a number of crochet ideas to get on with, if I get the time! I have also just gotten into embroidery after completing a kit I got with a magazine, so thats a whole load more equipment to buy 😉



A Bit Stressed

We have been travelling to Ilfracombe each day this week to visit a young dog at Dogs Trust rehoming centre. Today we get to bring him home for the day to see if he will get on with our three cats. If it goes well we get to adopt him on Tuesday and he’s with us for good!

I’m not too worried about the cats as they are used to having a dog around, I’m worried that the dog will want to chase them. So its a bit stressful today!

He is such a lovely little fella. We took him out for the afternoon yesterday and he really came out of his shell, great to see him interacting with other dogs and people,  a very friendly chap.

Just hope he does well today. We have really taken to him, so fingers and paws crossed!