Etsy Shopping…

Just a quickie bfore I head off to the gym!

New items will be added to my Etsy Shop

Including this lovely slouch beanie hat


I really do not suit hats so am afraid theres no model for this item!

Am already making more hats, keep looking 🙂


Getting Busy With The Hook

Not had a lot of free time recently, as you can tell by my absence! Work has been full on, which is great. Am also seeing my personal trainer twice a week and am weirdly enjoying it.

Never been one for exercise (which is why I need a trainer, to keep me going!!), so suprised myself when I realised its sort of fun. It does help that Jamie is brilliant –  patient and calm with (thankfully) a sense of humour! I would highly recommend having a go. He works at a gym which is part of a physiotherapy centre. If you are in Devon and in the Tavistock area heres where I go – Tavistock Physio Clinic

I have had some time to get on with crochet. After booking a space at the National Trust Castle Drogo Xmas fair in November, I thought I’d better crack on with some stock. I made some fingerless gloves last year and they sold well so am making more!


I have also made a lovely chunky cowl using pure wool with a big button fastening…


Both available in my Etsy Shop

It is laste Sunday afternoon and having been out in the pouring rain with the dog, I think its time to relax….with a hook and some yarn 😉


Bank Holiday Blues

It’s ok, am not going to get the guitar out and sing about my woes! You wouldn’t hear me, so I will type them instead!!

I did have a pretty awful day at the Fete. Much of it was to do with our typical British holiday weather, yes, it rained nearly all day 😦 If it wasn’t for friends and my inlaws popping in to make some purchases, I would have sold next to nothing. Have to say, I was disappointed by some of the other stalls, one next to me was selling tat you find on a general market, I thought this was an artisan/craft fair? Still, I guess the spaces needed filling and there is nothing the organisers can do about the weather or getting people to spend. It was certainly the most organised fair I have been to with plenty of advertising. It was also the most expensive!! But they need that to do all the advertising…..

In light of this latest disappointment, I think I need to give up on these fairs, it really is not worthwhile. Though saying that, there is usually a large Xmas affair at the castle in Bude, Cornwall so maybe just one more?

I will, over time, be placing items in my Etsy shop. I have also set up another Facebook page called Naturally Looped which I shall use to show of all my work made from natural and recycled fibres, so please have a look and give me the thumbs up 😉

Heres a pic of the cushion cover I made using wool from sheep grazing on Dartmoor. The cream is from  The Dartmoor Yarn Company  

wool cushion

I am very chuffed with how it turned out and slightly reluctant to sell, but it is available for £55 + p&p

Well, after a scorching hot yesterday, our weather has hit its default button, grey!! Husband has the day off so we will head into Okehampton for brunch, mmm cake on the menu I hope 😉



Mandala Madness

A finished product and no mistakes! It is pretty bright, just what’s needed on such a dark and wet day. I am already working on another and hope to have a few more done before my first fair at Belstone on 17th April. I have really enjoyed making this and discovered a new stitch too 🙂

I can make these mandalas in any colour combo and may try another pattern so let me know if you would like one. They make a lovely table decoration, or if in my house, something for the cats to sit on!



A Splash of Colour

Hello Spring!

….and a typical Spring day it is too – wet! Ah well, we are used to it. I got sunburned in March last year so you never know…

I have nearly finished my first mandala, just a few more rows, then will have to block it and that’s another piece of crochet for the house 🙂20160301_121103.jpg

Will show you another pic once completed. I have also nearly finished a sequinned shawl suitable for a summer wedding perhaps?

I have not decided where I am going to go with my crochet this year. I have been very frustrated with many of the craft fairs I have been to in the past, they tend to be very poorly advertised/organised and end up being a waste of time and money so I may not bother with most. I must say the Belstone Bazaar is the exception, always well organised and well supported by the locals, so will keep returning there. I think the next is is in May so will keep you posted. In the meantime, I have to put on my gardening hat and get out there earning some money (more yarn needs to be bought!).

Enjoy the new season 🙂

Finished :)

Well, very nearly finished….



I could make this blanket bigger but have run out of yarn! It has been discontinued and can only find a few odd balls online. This is the first large blanket I have made and I hate to think how much money I have spent on yarn for it! Still, it is for me so it’s ok. Well, I say it’s for me but it will be taken by at least one of the cats am sure. Have just got emough yarn left to hook a double crochet stitch edging.

I am now working on a summer shawl which may be suitable for a wedding as the yarn is light and has pretty sparkly sequins. Though the weather is awful today, Spring is just around the corner and I am trying to get ahead with my crochet, so its all about lightweight summer hooking. Pics to follow….

Keeping Warm

After a long spell of mild and wet weather, we finally got a bit of proper Winter and had a tiny sprinkling of snow. About time! Unfortunately,  it is back to grey and wet, but is still cold so I though I should get on with some gloves. Here’s a pair made from Merino wool,  lovely and soft. ..


Sorry, pic no that good,it’s very dull today. These are for sale at £12. I have a number of pairs available at Kooky Nook in Okehampton (next to the museum) along with various cowls and scarves. I think i will now make some more hats, so much to make, so little time!