Etsy Shopping…

Just a quickie bfore I head off to the gym!

New items will be added to my Etsy Shop

Including this lovely slouch beanie hat


I really do not suit hats so am afraid theres no model for this item!

Am already making more hats, keep looking 🙂



Remember that green shawl I made? Well, it is now on its way to the othe other side of the world! Admittedly, an old friend has bought it for his wife, but a sale is a sale and I’m so pleased 🙂 It really does boost confidence in my work so I think I shall make another, maybe one a bit less complicated and time consuming! Better get some more items made for my Etsy shop

I have just set up a facebook page for my gardening business, heres a link to Dartmoor Gardeners give it a like, I’ll keep putting up some lovely plant pics. Got any gardening queries? Will try to help 🙂



Etsy Shopping

Finally gotten around to adding some of my work to my etsy shop. Hurrah!

Only a few pieces but have got some other work on the go, after a bit of a break from crochet (which turned out to be quite a long holiday). Here’s a link to Naturally Looped

Haven’t had much free time recently, the gardening work is filling up most of my time, a good thing, obviously! Gotta pay that mortgage! We have got ourselves a new name and just had some business cards printed (designed the hilly Dartmoor pic myself). Pleased with the result….

bus card crop

…and may as well use this blog to advertise!! Though I would say we are busy for quite a while, got a large planting job coming up which is going to take up any spare days.

Well, Im still in my jimjams so better get dressed and out into the garden, have a fab Sunday x



Write It Down!

That is a note to self! I am making a small granny square blanket and have used patterns from two different sources to make up each square. I wrote down the main pattern but hadn’t written the edging one. After edging 3 or 4 squares, I realised I was using the wrong stitch! Crochet is easy to undo, fortunately!

I have a habit of forgetting things and keep saying to myself, write it down….but I forget to! There is no hope. My husband is a great one for writing lists but I am not, even if I do, I forget where I put it. If its really important, I will put pen to hand, guaranteed to see that 🙂

One thing I haven’t forgotten is that my latest purchase is on its way, a selection of linen thread from Lithuania. Haven’t treated myself for a while and am very much looking forward to the postie delivering my parcel. Took me a while to source it. I did find a lovely shop called A Yarn Story , well worth a look, they sell some beauitful yarns though at the time they had run out of the colours I wanted. I eventually found some on good old Etsy. I’m going to make some brooches with this fine thread, like the one I showed you last month.

Until that arrives, I will continue with the blanket, hopefully getting it finished next week then it will be for sale in my Etsy shop.


Have a lovey weekend 🙂

Busy Weekend

Managed to pack quite a lot into the weekend. On Saturday we drove up to Clovelly on the north Devon coast. We went to see the lovely artist, Lydia, who owns Candyland Studio Gallery. She creates textiles and wallpaper using her own designs, as well as making prints, cards and badges like this one…


What a handsome chap!

I had to have this gorgeous cushion with magnolias and moths, fab colours


On Sunday, I was selling my wares at the Christmas Fair, Bude Castle. A big thank you to all those lovely people who bought my crochet! The weather was lovely and sunny but really cold so my mitts and hats flew out the door!! It was such a successful day and I had lots of positive comments so really boosted my confidence in my work. Will definitely be there for the next one.

It’s a 45 min drive from Bude back to my house, which gave me just an hour to unload the car, grab some dinner and then it was back in the car to get to Exeter to see The Damned!  You may not know them but they were a punk band from the 70s who then went all goth in the 80’s (I was a bit young for them but my big brother was a fan so it rubbed off!). Well, they were great, even though now in their 60s!

Luckily, I have a quiet week so can catch up on some sleep, am shattered!



Another Xmas Fair

I will be selling my crochet at the Belstone Bazaar on Sunday, 27th November. It’s a small but well organised event in the village hall and this year there is a record number of tables booked so will definitely be worth a visit. Refreshments will also be available. Belstone is a lovely Dartmoor village in a great location for exploring the moor. Come and buy some Xmas gifts,have lunch in the pub then walk it off along the river!

Hope to see you there 🙂