Sale of Goods!

Hello people

I am having a sale in my Etsy shop as of now. 20% off my hats, scarves, mitts and cowls. Take a look here , the sale is on til 23rd Feb. Spring is just around the corner and it would be nice to sell a few woollies before it warms up here!




August….or Autumn??

The British weather always keeps us on our toes…or under our brollies! We are still waiting for a spell of hot weather, while the rest of Europe is at the other extreme of it being way too hot. I am finding our weather is at its best thru September, even early October. This is great for us as we tend to go on holiday then (having no kids, we prefer to avoid the school hols!).

This year we are off to Northumberland, first time and v much looking forward to it. It has a long coast of golden beaches (the dog will be in heaven!) as well as some fab castles, there is even one in the village we will be staying in. Will be taking lots of pics 🙂

Had some great news yesterday – I sold a shawl to a friend in NZ (think I mentioned it), was supposed to take 5-7 days. After 10 I started to worry, after 20 was deciding to refund my pal his money and try to forget the hours spent making it, then after 30 days it arrived!! Hurray 🙂 His wife loves her bday gift, that makes me very happy!

Not too happy with Royal Mail though! I spoke to them via twitter and though polite etc they were pretty much saying ‘its not our problem’ when I was trying to locate where the package was – even though I paid them more to track it!! I went on live chat and was quite annoyed with the unhelpfulness of whoever I dealt with, asked why am I paying for a tracked post service when you dont know where it is?? She pretty much ended the chat by shrugging her shoulders and saying ‘so what? Nothing to do with me’!! NZ Post, on the other hand were brilliant, giving me more info and keeping me up to date even before it had arrived in their country. Royal Mail need to take a leaf out of their book!

Sorry, rant over 😉

I am now having to think further ahead to (sorry for mentioning this) Christmas. Craft fairs book up quick and I have an opportunity to have a space at the Xmas fair at Castle Drogo (National Trust). Fairs are so hit and miss, a lot of work for sometimes little reward. I was at Bude Castle (bit of a theme here!) last year and did very well. If they are on different weekends, I could do both 🙂 though if thats the case I really need to get making!!

Have a great weekend, hope the sun shines!! 🙂


Butterfly Counting

If you are in the UK, have a go at counting the butterflies in your garden, local park or anywhere you fancy. Details in the link here

You only need 15 minutes to sit and count. Butterflies are very sensitive to any change in the environment, a decline in their numbers can be an early indicator of other wildlife losses, so it’s an important study.

Heres a pic of one I took a couple of years back


This is a female Common Blue, I had to look it up on the handy chart that comes with this survey! You can also get some great ident pics from UK Butterflies

Get counting!


I’m Still Here

Been quite a while since my last post. Been v busy with one thing and another. Haven’t got time now!!Just a few mins before I have to go to work. Gained a few more followers so feel a bit guilty for lack of typing! Don’t go away, I will get some pics and chitchat up asap xx

A Bit Of A Handful

We now have our new family member, Monty the dog, settled in to our home. Well, settled in sounds like its all going smoothly, which isn’t completely true! He is, afterall, still a pup so theres minor issues to constantly think about, like not leaving anything chewable on the coffee table. I left my glasses and were later found with the plastic arm casing neatly chewed! He has also taken a shine to balls of wool, balls of fun for this littlun!! I had to shut him in the lounge for a few minutes and came back to find unravelled wool all over the floor. He had helped himself to my basket of work! Cheeky monkey.


I have a number of crochet ideas to get on with, if I get the time! I have also just gotten into embroidery after completing a kit I got with a magazine, so thats a whole load more equipment to buy 😉


A Bit Stressed

We have been travelling to Ilfracombe each day this week to visit a young dog at Dogs Trust rehoming centre. Today we get to bring him home for the day to see if he will get on with our three cats. If it goes well we get to adopt him on Tuesday and he’s with us for good!

I’m not too worried about the cats as they are used to having a dog around, I’m worried that the dog will want to chase them. So its a bit stressful today!

He is such a lovely little fella. We took him out for the afternoon yesterday and he really came out of his shell, great to see him interacting with other dogs and people,  a very friendly chap.

Just hope he does well today. We have really taken to him, so fingers and paws crossed!


Finished Shopping Yet?

Even though we are having a quiet Xmas, with a couple of friends popping round for nibbles, I have still made numerous trips to the shops buying too much naughty food and drink! I have to go again this morning to get some veg and cat food, crikey, dont let me forget that!! You can’t help but get sucked in to this indulgent time of year. I have no kids and no religious beliefs but still can’t escape the lure of sparkly boxes of chocolate and overdosing on cheese!! Must have some restraint – I’ve lost 2 stone by watching what I eat, don’t want it back, thanks!

Now that Christmas is almost on us, all my crochet presents are done and have no fairs to do. This means a break from hooking…….nah! Im making myself a pair of legwarmers (for home use only, I’m not a member of Fame!!). I will also be making a cat cave using old pairs of jeans, stripped into yarn. There’s many other projects to get stuck into, seems to be nothing I couldn’t crochet 🙂

Well, the shops are calling so better go. Have a great Xmas whatever you are up to xxx