Write It Down!

That is a note to self! I am making a small granny square blanket and have used patterns from two different sources to make up each square. I wrote down the main pattern but hadn’t written the edging one. After edging 3 or 4 squares, I realised I was using the wrong stitch! Crochet is easy to undo, fortunately!

I have a habit of forgetting things and keep saying to myself, write it down….but I forget to! There is no hope. My husband is a great one for writing lists but I am not, even if I do, I forget where I put it. If its really important, I will put pen to hand, guaranteed to see that 🙂

One thing I haven’t forgotten is that my latest purchase is on its way, a selection of linen thread from Lithuania. Haven’t treated myself for a while and am very much looking forward to the postie delivering my parcel. Took me a while to source it. I did find a lovely shop called A Yarn Story , well worth a look, they sell some beauitful yarns though at the time they had run out of the colours I wanted. I eventually found some on good old Etsy. I’m going to make some brooches with this fine thread, like the one I showed you last month.

Until that arrives, I will continue with the blanket, hopefully getting it finished next week then it will be for sale in my Etsy shop.


Have a lovey weekend 🙂


Early Start

It’s 6.30am and I’m sat on the sofa with the dog, listening to the birds competing with eachother. Cheeky sparrow is winning so far. Thought I might as well do some tippity tap tap on here, while its quiet. Will be manning the shop later, though not really wanting to today as it is Easter and our tiny town will be severely lacking in customers!

I haven’t been into doing any crochet of late, as I think I have mentioned before. After a number of years of making all kinds of stuff, I still don’t know where I’m going with it! I need to pick one thing and just go with it, but what is that thing??! I made this pretty brooch from linen thread (which I posted on instagram and got a like from The Devon Guild of Crafters!!)


I have now started on a necklace using the same materials. Maybe I should make a few pieces, pop them on Etsy and see what happens? Unfortunately, real work takes priority at the mo, got a mortgage to pay!! As a gardener, this is our busiest time. The new dog seems to take up the spare hours, he is a handful!

Well, one of the cats has entered the room, demanding I get up and feed her immediately, time for breakfast. Hope you all have a smashing Easter 😉 x

I’m Still Here

Been quite a while since my last post. Been v busy with one thing and another. Haven’t got time now!!Just a few mins before I have to go to work. Gained a few more followers so feel a bit guilty for lack of typing! Don’t go away, I will get some pics and chitchat up asap xx

A Bit Of A Handful

We now have our new family member, Monty the dog, settled in to our home. Well, settled in sounds like its all going smoothly, which isn’t completely true! He is, afterall, still a pup so theres minor issues to constantly think about, like not leaving anything chewable on the coffee table. I left my glasses and were later found with the plastic arm casing neatly chewed! He has also taken a shine to balls of wool, balls of fun for this littlun!! I had to shut him in the lounge for a few minutes and came back to find unravelled wool all over the floor. He had helped himself to my basket of work! Cheeky monkey.


I have a number of crochet ideas to get on with, if I get the time! I have also just gotten into embroidery after completing a kit I got with a magazine, so thats a whole load more equipment to buy 😉


A Bit Stressed

We have been travelling to Ilfracombe each day this week to visit a young dog at Dogs Trust rehoming centre. Today we get to bring him home for the day to see if he will get on with our three cats. If it goes well we get to adopt him on Tuesday and he’s with us for good!

I’m not too worried about the cats as they are used to having a dog around, I’m worried that the dog will want to chase them. So its a bit stressful today!

He is such a lovely little fella. We took him out for the afternoon yesterday and he really came out of his shell, great to see him interacting with other dogs and people,  a very friendly chap.

Just hope he does well today. We have really taken to him, so fingers and paws crossed!


Writers Block

Well, not really, just not had my blogging head on for a bit! Miss me?

So new year, how are we doing so far? Had some great weather these last few days, v cold yet sunny so have been out in the garden, hoping to get ahead for a change. We try to grow some veg, usually failing due to lack of time! Did manage to harvest some lovely squash and potatoes, didn’t do so well with anything else though. Will try harder this year 🙂

As far as crochet is concerned, I have sold quite a few gloves and hats it my local shop, now sold out so should be making more. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. I do think I need to be concentrating on natural and recycled fibres, which is why I set up my facebook page, Naturally Looped

Trouble is, I question my work a lot and wonder is it really worth the effort and time? I do have an Etsy shop but it takes so long to set up and add items, I have so far been put off. I worry that a buyer won’t be happy with the item and this is stopping me. Maybe I just need to get a grip and give it a go!! Oh, the tortured artist hahaha!!I will work it out…

In other news, we had a rather cultured trip to London where we went to see a play (called The Children, was really good), spent many hours at the Tate Modern and had dinner out at one of Ottolenghi’s restaurants (bit disappointing, great staff and venue, food wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but dont let me put you off). The best bit was meeting up with my fab old college chum who I hadn’t seen for neary 20 years. It was just like we’d met up the week before, loved every minute 🙂 Have to thank my friends for lending their apartment to us, very swish it was too!

We are now ready to adopt another doggie and went to The Dogs Trust today. No luck this time but will keep looking. Having 3 cats does make it a lot more difficult to find a pooch. There is a dog shaped hole in our lives that needs filling! We miss our gorgeous Ella, at the same time we know we can give another dog a good life, so gotta do it.

So, thats a quick round up of what’s been going on dow here in Devon. I have a couple of crochet projects on the go and a few more to start so hope to have some pics soon…