Where Have I been??

Sorry for lack of posts…hmmmm think I have said that more than once before. Writers block, busy with stuff, maybe a little bit of just don’t feel like it. Am sure you’ve found other things to do anyway!

I have been on holiday to Northumberland (or is it Northumbria?), which is a fine excuse for not blogging, as well as now giving me something to write about 🙂

What a beautiful part of the country! We stayed in a lovely village called Warkworth, which sits in the bow of a river and less than a mile to the beach. It also has an amazing medieaval castle, well worth a visit. There are numerous castles in this county, though from the ones we visited, this is my favourite. We were even allowed to take the dog in.


We also visited Dunstanburgh Castle which is in a fab location on a small headland jutting out into the North Sea. Its a 1 1/4 mile walk to reach it as there are no roads, but its close to the village of Craster with a number of places to eat. Other castles include Alnick (famous for being used in Harry Potter films) and Bamburgh. These are in very good condition and look beautiful but we only saw the outside as I prefer a proper ruin, a castle that shows its scars.


Dunstanburgh Castle



Alnick Castle

Lindisfarne is the last castle we saw, though unfortunately completely covered in scaffolding and is closed until sometime next year. I would still recommend visiting Holy Island, where the castle sits. Can only be reached by car at low tide as the road is a causeway, check tide times!! It is quite eerie travelling along this causeway knowing that within a few hours it will be very much underwater. The village isn’t all that interesting, though has a ruined priory. While wandering through the graveyards, a lady pointed out that some of the graves were for pirates, you could tell by the skull and crossbones on the gravestones!

On our last day we went inland to a small town called Rothbury. Found a place to park and, what luck, opposite a fabulous little wool shop called Rainbow Yarns

Avril, who owns this little treasure chest, is really lovely and has a great range of yarns for sale. Yes, I did buy some much needed yarn 😉 Though Avril does not have an online shop, she does offer mail order, check out her shop in the link.

So, a great holiday with reasonable weather and beaches as far as the eye can see!


Embleton Beach with Dunstanburgh castle in the distance

The dog loved it too!




Etsy Shopping…

Just a quickie bfore I head off to the gym!

New items will be added to my Etsy Shop

Including this lovely slouch beanie hat


I really do not suit hats so am afraid theres no model for this item!

Am already making more hats, keep looking 🙂

Getting Busy With The Hook

Not had a lot of free time recently, as you can tell by my absence! Work has been full on, which is great. Am also seeing my personal trainer twice a week and am weirdly enjoying it.

Never been one for exercise (which is why I need a trainer, to keep me going!!), so suprised myself when I realised its sort of fun. It does help that Jamie is brilliant –  patient and calm with (thankfully) a sense of humour! I would highly recommend having a go. He works at a gym which is part of a physiotherapy centre. If you are in Devon and in the Tavistock area heres where I go – Tavistock Physio Clinic

I have had some time to get on with crochet. After booking a space at the National Trust Castle Drogo Xmas fair in November, I thought I’d better crack on with some stock. I made some fingerless gloves last year and they sold well so am making more!


I have also made a lovely chunky cowl using pure wool with a big button fastening…


Both available in my Etsy Shop

It is laste Sunday afternoon and having been out in the pouring rain with the dog, I think its time to relax….with a hook and some yarn 😉


August….or Autumn??

The British weather always keeps us on our toes…or under our brollies! We are still waiting for a spell of hot weather, while the rest of Europe is at the other extreme of it being way too hot. I am finding our weather is at its best thru September, even early October. This is great for us as we tend to go on holiday then (having no kids, we prefer to avoid the school hols!).

This year we are off to Northumberland, first time and v much looking forward to it. It has a long coast of golden beaches (the dog will be in heaven!) as well as some fab castles, there is even one in the village we will be staying in. Will be taking lots of pics 🙂

Had some great news yesterday – I sold a shawl to a friend in NZ (think I mentioned it), was supposed to take 5-7 days. After 10 I started to worry, after 20 was deciding to refund my pal his money and try to forget the hours spent making it, then after 30 days it arrived!! Hurray 🙂 His wife loves her bday gift, that makes me very happy!

Not too happy with Royal Mail though! I spoke to them via twitter and though polite etc they were pretty much saying ‘its not our problem’ when I was trying to locate where the package was – even though I paid them more to track it!! I went on live chat and was quite annoyed with the unhelpfulness of whoever I dealt with, asked why am I paying for a tracked post service when you dont know where it is?? She pretty much ended the chat by shrugging her shoulders and saying ‘so what? Nothing to do with me’!! NZ Post, on the other hand were brilliant, giving me more info and keeping me up to date even before it had arrived in their country. Royal Mail need to take a leaf out of their book!

Sorry, rant over 😉

I am now having to think further ahead to (sorry for mentioning this) Christmas. Craft fairs book up quick and I have an opportunity to have a space at the Xmas fair at Castle Drogo (National Trust). Fairs are so hit and miss, a lot of work for sometimes little reward. I was at Bude Castle (bit of a theme here!) last year and did very well. If they are on different weekends, I could do both 🙂 though if thats the case I really need to get making!!

Have a great weekend, hope the sun shines!! 🙂


Butterfly Counting

If you are in the UK, have a go at counting the butterflies in your garden, local park or anywhere you fancy. Details in the link here

You only need 15 minutes to sit and count. Butterflies are very sensitive to any change in the environment, a decline in their numbers can be an early indicator of other wildlife losses, so it’s an important study.

Heres a pic of one I took a couple of years back


This is a female Common Blue, I had to look it up on the handy chart that comes with this survey! You can also get some great ident pics from UK Butterflies

Get counting!



Remember that green shawl I made? Well, it is now on its way to the othe other side of the world! Admittedly, an old friend has bought it for his wife, but a sale is a sale and I’m so pleased 🙂 It really does boost confidence in my work so I think I shall make another, maybe one a bit less complicated and time consuming! Better get some more items made for my Etsy shop

I have just set up a facebook page for my gardening business, heres a link to Dartmoor Gardeners give it a like, I’ll keep putting up some lovely plant pics. Got any gardening queries? Will try to help 🙂



Etsy Shopping

Finally gotten around to adding some of my work to my etsy shop. Hurrah!

Only a few pieces but have got some other work on the go, after a bit of a break from crochet (which turned out to be quite a long holiday). Here’s a link to Naturally Looped

Haven’t had much free time recently, the gardening work is filling up most of my time, a good thing, obviously! Gotta pay that mortgage! We have got ourselves a new name and just had some business cards printed (designed the hilly Dartmoor pic myself). Pleased with the result….

bus card crop

…and may as well use this blog to advertise!! Though I would say we are busy for quite a while, got a large planting job coming up which is going to take up any spare days.

Well, Im still in my jimjams so better get dressed and out into the garden, have a fab Sunday x