Early Start

It’s 6.30am and I’m sat on the sofa with the dog, listening to the birds competing with eachother. Cheeky sparrow is winning so far. Thought I might as well do some tippity tap tap on here, while its quiet. Will be manning the shop later, though not really wanting to today as it is Easter and our tiny town will be severely lacking in customers!

I haven’t been into doing any crochet of late, as I think I have mentioned before. After a number of years of making all kinds of stuff, I still don’t know where I’m going with it! I need to pick one thing and just go with it, but what is that thing??! I made this pretty brooch from linen thread (which I posted on instagram and got a like from The Devon Guild of Crafters!!)


I have now started on a necklace using the same materials. Maybe I should make a few pieces, pop them on Etsy and see what happens? Unfortunately, real work takes priority at the mo, got a mortgage to pay!! As a gardener, this is our busiest time. The new dog seems to take up the spare hours, he is a handful!

Well, one of the cats has entered the room, demanding I get up and feed her immediately, time for breakfast. Hope you all have a smashing Easter 😉 x


Last Fair Before Xmas

I shall be selling my creations at the Belstone Bazaar next Sunday. There are plenty of stocking fillers to choose from – brooches, hairgrips, necklaces, facecloths plus a few larger items including scarves and mittens. There will be lots of other stalls too, something for everyone! Come and buy something handmade 🙂

Christmas Bazaar Poster


Thank you to all the lovely customers who bought my wares at the vintage and makers market yesterday, it has done wonders for my self esteem!! Im positvely glowing 🙂




I now have to make lots more!

I may be at the flea market in South Molton in a couple of weeks so watch this space. Thing is I have a holiday comin up – off to pretty Mousehole in Cornwall – only a week but thats precious crochet time, still I can take it with me 🙂