A New Approach

Well, yesterday turned out to be a bit of a failure. The weather was very changeable, one minute sun then meet it was raining, the worst offender being the blooming wind which blew my work all over the place!! It did seem to put people off coming out as it wasn’t as busy as I had expected.

I am now taking a couple of months off from fairs and give myself some time to work out where I go from here in the world of Loopy Lou. I am going to put my existing stock on Etsy and in some local shops, then I am going to concentrate on larger items using locally sourced wool. I will then be well prepared for the Xmas markets (with a few fairs later in the summer). This feels like a positive step for me. I love to crochet, as you know, and I want to continue selling so I have to change tactics in order to have some success.

I do enjoy the small fairs, I have met a lot of lovely people and made a few friends too. I generally spend a fair bit of time on my own so it does make a lovely change to mingle with the public.

Stay tuned to this blog, I will be creating more woolly things soon – I bought this beautiful hand spun, hand dyed wool yesterday


Can’t wait to use it 🙂