Holiday :

We are off to (hopefully) sunny Wales tomorrow for a break before the gardening work goes crazy. Really looking forward to being right next to the sea for a few days.

I have been checking out what to do while there and have found a wool museum and another working mill nearby!! Hoping I can get hold of some Welsh yarn. The first thing I have packed is a bag of yarn, am I a little obsessed do you think? 😉 I do have a couple of commissions to get on with so may as well take advantage of this free time.

There are, of course, other things to do in Wales. There are many castles and ancient monuments to explore. I love these old places. We will have a choice of sandy beaches too and they should be fairly quiet as it’s out of season. Many beaches here have dog bans from Easter, so we go just before so our Ella can get some sand in her paws. We also like to avoid school holidays – much less busy and much cheaper. One benefit of not having children. Won’t stop me taking a bucket and spade though!

So, I better go and pack some more. If I can get online, I’ll post some pics.

Hywl fawr am y tro!

Goodbye for now x


Hit The North :)

I will be off to my Mums and then on up to the Lakes for a week shortly, so probably not be blogging as I will be too busy enjoying the amazing scenery 🙂

Of course I will be armed with my hook and yarn, got a rabbit to finish! Will show you once completed. Am going to have a look for some Cumbriam wool too. They have a lovely breed of extremely hardy sheep called Herdwick all over the county, pretty faces! (not my pic)


I have a few ideas of what to make over the summer, just got to find the time to do it!! Work has been busier than ever, which is great of course, though gives me little free time to do what I really want – yes I know, there will be many of you saying the same!!

So I will be back blogging v soon and with many, many holiday snaps 😉