The Great British Summer….

Hmmmm, not impressed so far. Very not impressed with last nights forcast!! ‘Heavy rain acrross the South West all day’, so we cancel work….yup, you guessed it, didnt rain til after 3 and only a little. So now a day behind, good job we have such lovely, understanding clients. We usually wait til the morning to decide whether or not to cancel, but the Met Office and the BBC were so convincing! The best weather forcast is looking out of the window.

Anyway, enough of this moaning. Popped into Kooky Nook to deliver a pair of seat pads (£15 each if you’re interested). Have to say, the shop is looking fab, well done Kate! All locally made crafts. As well as cards, crochet, wooden storage and soap (along with more crafts),there is a lady who makes lampshades, you can provide the material and she will make it at a very reasonable price. The shop is right next to the museum in Okehampton.

Am a bit lost as to what to crochet next. I have not had much time to do any recently, only seem to get a couple of hours in the evening. I only have one big fair which isn’t til August but I really need to get going with it, want to take the oppurtunity to really show off!

I will be glad when this month is over, it has been so busy at work and a bit stressful. May is  a very difficult time of year for me and my family anyway so looking forward to a bit of time out soon.

Well, lets hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, can’t afford to cancel again!




New Outlet

I popped into Dartmoor Chapel Crafts yesterday to collect my work. We have closed for a few weeks and will reopen on the last wekkend of October then stay open each weekend til first or second week in December. Until then my crochet will be available at Kooky Nook , a lovely new shop just opened in Okehampton. It was The Artful Rodgers – who also sold my work – but they ceased trading due to other commitments. I came straight from the chapel to this shop so had all my crochet with me. Took it all in so Kate, the owner, could have a rummage and pick out what she would like to sell. Well, she wants it all!! Great 🙂

The only problem is that I don’t have any animals available, but I will make one for Kooky Nook as a demo then I can take orders for more. Where I am going to find the time is another issue!!

Meanwhile, its a beautiful morning and am waiting for a text from husband to go and pick him up on Dartmoor – he has been camping the last two nights. Rather him than me, its pretty cold trhought the night now.

Don’t forget, its a total eclipse of the moon and also a supermoon – so the moon is passing through the earths shadow and will turn a blood red and it is also at its closest to the earth so will appear much bigger. Shame we will have to set the alarms for 3am Monday to see it! Next one isn’t til 2030 something so try and see this one 🙂