More Crochet Projects

Had a lovely time at the show on Saturday and managed to be fairly restrained with my purchases! As well as some very reasonably priced yarn , I also bought a felt picture kit. I’ve always wanted to have a go and now have my chance. Will show you if it looks good enough!

I have made a few more items this week. In a rush to get them posted, the pics aren’t as good as I’d like them but it will have to do, given the time I have at the mo.

I have made these and shown them before, but am quite please with these cotton pads, which are an reusable alternative to cotton wool pads. Suitable for makeup removal or cleansing/toning. These are a great seller so I better get some more made!


The next item is a basket made from recycled tshirt material, similar to the Hoooked Zpagetti (yes spelt right!). I bought 3 balls of this from a market in Barcelona at a very cheap price. If I had known how expensive it is here, I would have ditched my flamenco outfit and made some room for more in my suitcase!!!

tshirt basket

Third and final item for today is a heart brooch made of felt and cotton fabric. I really need to crack on and get some more done for Valentines Day. Its just round the corner, best start dropping hints now!! If your other half is anything like mine, they will forget all about it!!

heart brooch

Well, thats all folks, its time for my tea – or dinner if you are not from the North!! x