Another Fair Confirmed

Very excited to have a pitch at the Inside Outside Craft Market in Exeter on the quay, Sunday 3rd May! It does mean I have to get hooking a lot as its very near and stock levels are a bit low so am going to have to put my sewing machine practice on hold for a bit.

Exeter is a lovely small city and the quay is full of interesting shops selling and making on site including an ironmonger who makes lovely garden ornaments (I have some), antiques, furniture and various crafts. There is also a number of cafes, Lutzy’s being my favourite – very popular and fills up quick! There are also lots of activities that you can get involved with. Canoes and kayaks are available for hire as well as bicycles. The quay now boasts the South Wests largest climbing wall if you are feeling a bit more adventurous. More info here at Exeter City Council

The craft market is in the Transit Shed which is actually not a shed but an open sided buliding which was once used to store goods when unloaded.


Lets hope the weather will be like the photo!! 🙂