Looking For A New Home :)

20150713_161525 Say hello to Wooliphant! This squishy elephant is made from recycled mixed fibres, lovely to work with. It will be heading up to the Dartmoor Chapel Craft shop this weekend where hopefully a new owner will be waiting!

The opening of the chapel went very well, I think the whole village showed up !! There were so many positive comments about my work, I just hope my items sell!! People were particularly interested in my wool baskets and necklaces. I am now making a nest of small baskets made with wool and jute, quite stiff to work with but am happy with the results I am getting.

I will be selling through my Etsy shop again after neglecting it for a while. I will let you know when I get on to it! It will be a lot easier than going to craft fairs. I only have one craft fair booked this year so far and it will be at the National Trusts Castle Drogo in Drewsteignton at the end of November. I will have a look out for a few more heading towards Xmas. They are soooo time consuming and though I do love meeting people, both customers and other crafters, I feel that they are generally too much work for very little reward.

I am trying not to buy any more yarn for a little while. I bought a lovely tallboy from Ebay last weekend to store my yarn but it’s not really big enough! I spent much of a day this week trying to organise my stash and have come to realise I do have rather a lot!! The organisation is still ongoing, where did it all come from?! I seem to be a yarn hoarder πŸ™‚

Well, today brings a bit more crochet, a trip to the shops (food not wool!) and an afternoon of paperwork. Roll on tomorrow! After a morning in Sew Vintage, myself and Husband will be off to the inlaws to be taken out for an early bday meal. Lucky me πŸ™‚




A few months ago, Β our local doctors surgery was having a refit and my husband happened to be walking past when some furniture was being thrown in a skip. He rushed back home and told me to get in the van then drove us both to rescue 4 dining chairs, a table, a small cabinet and a wooden box on wheels! Not bad for freebies πŸ™‚

I’ve decided to repaint all the chairs to sell on. I seem to have a surplus, aside from our 4 round the dining table, there’s another 4 or 5 Β that are huddled in a corner waiting to find a home! I fear I am a bit of a hoarder.

Here’s the first finished chair. ..


I’ve used a green chalk paint and a finishing wax, having distressed the paint a bit first to give it that ‘lived in’ look. Then I had to add a bit of crochet so made a seat pad using a lovely blue wool, produced in Yorkshire.

I am starting to use more British wool in my products, now I am a bit more confident with my work. It is more expensive but I think people appreciate work made using ‘home grown’ materials. It is possible that I may be able to buy wool so local that I could walk to the shop!! There is a plan to reopen part of the old mill in my town πŸ™‚

There has been a wool mill here for hundreds of years in some form or another. A number of buildings of varying ages still stand on the site (closed 1992), all rather derelict now. Our house was built at the same time as some buildings (around 1890s) and its likely that it housed workers from the mill. Wouldn’t that be something, wool from the local mill being used in a house that was home to a mill worker?!

Fingers crossed funding is found for this new venture that can really help a small town get noticed. We have only a handful of shops and have just lost two in the last month, though to be honest, am not suprised they have gone, they just weren’t offering what the customers wanted. There is a small housing estate being built on the edge of town, with rumours of many more to be built so maybe the shops will return? Lets hope so.

More Crochet Projects

Had a lovely time at the show on Saturday and managed to be fairly restrained with my purchases! As well as some very reasonably priced yarn , I also bought a felt picture kit. I’ve always wanted to have a go and now have my chance. Will show you if it looks good enough!

I have made a few more items this week. In a rush to get them posted, the pics aren’t as good as I’d like them but it will have to do, given the time I have at the mo.

I have made these and shown them before, but am quite please with these cotton pads, which are an reusable alternative to cotton wool pads. Suitable for makeup removal or cleansing/toning. These are a great seller so I better get some more made!


The next item is a basket made from recycled tshirt material, similar to the Hoooked Zpagetti (yes spelt right!). I bought 3 balls of this from a market in Barcelona at a very cheap price. If I had known how expensive it is here, I would have ditched my flamenco outfit and made some room for more in my suitcase!!!

tshirt basket

Third and final item for today is a heart brooch made of felt and cotton fabric. I really need to crack on and get some more done for Valentines Day. Its just round the corner, best start dropping hints now!! If your other half is anything like mine, they will forget all about it!!

heart brooch

Well, thats all folks, its time for my tea – or dinner if you are not from the North!! x

Something new

Went to Barnstable today and found a rather nice shop


Not only do they sell a lovely mix of upcycled furniture, they also sell the paint to do it with and very eco friendly it is too…and no primer required πŸ™‚

There was a painted dining chair in the shop which is exactly the same as one I picked up at the local recycling centre recently, so I just had to buy some paint. Just got to find the time to do it!


Think it might be something that will have to wait for the Winter, got to get on with more crochet first πŸ™‚


Light up your garden

I love to sit outside on a summers evening, and as the light begins to fade it really makes a difference having the warm glow from tealights πŸ™‚

I made these tea light holders using recycled jars that previously were home to pickled quails eggs! The pattern is my own, made up as I went, to fit these lovely shaped jars.

2014-05-18 09.45.31

Unfortunately for me, these are for sale so I cannot use them! One day I will have time to make things for me!