Halloween, anyone??

We just had a Halloween do with our (nearly) 7 year old niece. Not having children, its something we have not bothered with since we we kids ourselves – quite a long time ago! I remember Mum making me a fab witches outfit made out of bin liners, theres a photo somewhere…

As amazing the internet is, could I find an appropriate spooky story to tell my niece?? Many of them were a bit too scary for a 6/7 year old. A friend and my nieces Mum have suggested Winnie the Witch. I left it too late though but luckily I still have my Roald Dahl book – Revolting Rhymes, his take on popular fairy tales, very funny!! Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood went down a treat!


I think it is still in print, would recommend this to anyone, I still laugh reading it now and have owned the book for over 30 years!!

Right, I have to go to work, so Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it, dont get too spooked!! BOO!!