So Much To Do…

Work has gone a bit crazy, gardening work I mean, not my crochet!! As with every other year, everyone wants their garden looking good now so am busy trying to get all the various planting jobs done and hopefully get some summer bedding bought. The weather has been pretty cold so any tender planting may have to wait a little longer, the sun is shining today but the wind still has a bite to it.

Our garden is also coming along nicely. The lawn is down and some planting has been done in the beds. Lots more of that to do. Husband has also been busy building a small shed for the mower and will then be onto some compost bins. I spent some time potting up some veg and annual flowers so are catching up, though still havent planted the potatoes! Lets call them an extra late variety πŸ˜‰

Sew Vintage will hopefully reopen in its new location this Saturday. I have been helping Liz paint pretty much everything in the shop and will be bringing in the stock tomorrow, best bit!How we fit it all in will be interesting, space is half the size of the old place.You can help by popping in and making some purchases!

One more thing, if you can, watch Countryfile on BBC1 this Sunday, hopefully my friend Sophie of the Dartmoor Soap Co will be on showing us how she makes her soap!





Looking For A New Home :)

20150713_161525 Say hello to Wooliphant! This squishy elephant is made from recycled mixed fibres, lovely to work with. It will be heading up to the Dartmoor Chapel Craft shop this weekend where hopefully a new owner will be waiting!

The opening of the chapel went very well, I think the whole village showed up !! There were so many positive comments about my work, I just hope my items sell!! People were particularly interested in my wool baskets and necklaces. I am now making a nest of small baskets made with wool and jute, quite stiff to work with but am happy with the results I am getting.

I will be selling through my Etsy shop again after neglecting it for a while. I will let you know when I get on to it! It will be a lot easier than going to craft fairs. I only have one craft fair booked this year so far and it will be at the National Trusts Castle Drogo in Drewsteignton at the end of November. I will have a look out for a few more heading towards Xmas. They are soooo time consuming and though I do love meeting people, both customers and other crafters, I feel that they are generally too much work for very little reward.

I am trying not to buy any more yarn for a little while. I bought a lovely tallboy from Ebay last weekend to store my yarn but it’s not really big enough! I spent much of a day this week trying to organise my stash and have come to realise I do have rather a lot!! The organisation is still ongoing, where did it all come from?! I seem to be a yarn hoarder πŸ™‚

Well, today brings a bit more crochet, a trip to the shops (food not wool!) and an afternoon of paperwork. Roll on tomorrow! After a morning in Sew Vintage, myself and Husband will be off to the inlaws to be taken out for an early bday meal. Lucky me πŸ™‚


Spring has Sprung

It’s another beautiful sunny day and I’ve spent the morning in Sew Vintage. The weather certainly makes a difference to the mornings takings, a rather busy Saturday!

Supporting local business is so important or we shall end up with nothing but those awful shopping malls. Hmm, think I may have mentioned this before!!

I’ve taken a few pics of the shop, there is nothing online yet, but am working on it.





As you can see, there are many pretty things to buy, including lovely soaps from my friend atΒ

Don’t forget Mothers Day 15th March. Pop in the shop and buy something lovely for your mum.


Happy New Year

Good morning people! All set for 2015?

For once I am trying to crochet ahead, so its all about hearts for Valentines Day for me, will put some pics up later when I have finished a couple of pieces. Before you know it, Easter will be here so already thinking about crochet egg cosies!! There just isn’t enough time in the day.

As far as selling items, I did rather well at Sew Vintage in North Tawton over the festive period, which I am really pleased about. Talk about shopping local! I just hope the support for the shop continues. If you are in the area please pop in and have a browse, there is a sale on jewellery right now. The shop is next to Graylings chip shop.

Don’t forget, I also have items at The Artful Roger shop next to the museum in Okehampton, it is rather hidden away but on the main street. There is also a cafe opposite the shop πŸ™‚

Well, I need to do some paperwork…..