Bank Holiday Blues

It’s ok, am not going to get the guitar out and sing about my woes! You wouldn’t hear me, so I will type them instead!!

I did have a pretty awful day at the Fete. Much of it was to do with our typical British holiday weather, yes, it rained nearly all day 😦 If it wasn’t for friends and my inlaws popping in to make some purchases, I would have sold next to nothing. Have to say, I was disappointed by some of the other stalls, one next to me was selling tat you find on a general market, I thought this was an artisan/craft fair? Still, I guess the spaces needed filling and there is nothing the organisers can do about the weather or getting people to spend. It was certainly the most organised fair I have been to with plenty of advertising. It was also the most expensive!! But they need that to do all the advertising…..

In light of this latest disappointment, I think I need to give up on these fairs, it really is not worthwhile. Though saying that, there is usually a large Xmas affair at the castle in Bude, Cornwall so maybe just one more?

I will, over time, be placing items in my Etsy shop. I have also set up another Facebook page called Naturally Looped which I shall use to show of all my work made from natural and recycled fibres, so please have a look and give me the thumbs up 😉

Heres a pic of the cushion cover I made using wool from sheep grazing on Dartmoor. The cream is from  The Dartmoor Yarn Company  

wool cushion

I am very chuffed with how it turned out and slightly reluctant to sell, but it is available for £55 + p&p

Well, after a scorching hot yesterday, our weather has hit its default button, grey!! Husband has the day off so we will head into Okehampton for brunch, mmm cake on the menu I hope 😉




A Whole Rabbit??!

Am sure most of you know that I am a gardener, gotta work to pay for all the wool I buy ;). I live in a beautiful part of the country and get to work in some fab gardens. All the better when the sun shines!

I was working in one of my regular client’s garden yesterday. One of her dogs came trotting up the steps looking rather smug, I could see why as there were 2 rabbit legs sticking out of her mouth!! She was doing her best to swallow this rabbit whole, naughty girl. It was eventually removed from the dogs jaws though she insisted on keeping its head as a trophy. We think the rabbit was already dead when the dog got hold of it. Gross! Seems headless corpses was the theme of the day as I had found a bird without one on our drive. Thanks, cats. Am also watching The Walking Dead series where the main objective is to remove heads from zombies!

Anyway…. I am at home today doing chores and looking after our elderly dog. At the age of 14, she has really slowed down and become increasingly fussy about what she’ll eat. I am now cooking meat for her, not easy as am vegetarian and have been for 25 years or so. It’s beef chunks this morning!

Hopefully going to a kitchen showroom to finalise plans this afternoon. Yay, new kitchen 🙂 very excited though when it’s done the rest of the house will look scruffy so will want to decorate ever other room! Not looking forward to the upheaval but it’ll be a good opportunity to have a clear out. We have so much stuff we never use.

Hmmm, a clear out….I really must sort out my work space. My table is piled high with balls of wool, I just fail miserably at keeping tidy. I did actually admit to myself that I have too much yarn. Saying that, I am purchasing more tomorrow! I have come across The Dartmoor Yarn Company and the owner is popping over to show me her wool from sheep grazing on Dartmoor. I want to make more crochet with natural fibres and if local, that’s even better!

Well, the chore fairies have failed to show again, so best get on and do them myself

Have a lovely day 🙂

Sunday Craft Day

Morning everyone 🙂

It has been a busy couple of weeks here. I have been helping get the new Sew Vintage shop ready for opening next month. Still a lot to do, hopefully will be ready in time!

I have been trying to get as much crochet done as I can, but it is a busy time for us gardeners, so its proving difficult. Yesterday was spent travelling round Devon buying plants (best part of the job!). I now have a lot of planting to get on with.

I have managed to get on with some seat pads made from Jacob Sheep wool, a lovely blend of brown and cream.  They should be ready for selling at the Belstone Bazaar this Sunday, 11 til 3 in the village hall. Well, I can’t sit here all day so best get on 🙂

Holiday :

We are off to (hopefully) sunny Wales tomorrow for a break before the gardening work goes crazy. Really looking forward to being right next to the sea for a few days.

I have been checking out what to do while there and have found a wool museum and another working mill nearby!! Hoping I can get hold of some Welsh yarn. The first thing I have packed is a bag of yarn, am I a little obsessed do you think? 😉 I do have a couple of commissions to get on with so may as well take advantage of this free time.

There are, of course, other things to do in Wales. There are many castles and ancient monuments to explore. I love these old places. We will have a choice of sandy beaches too and they should be fairly quiet as it’s out of season. Many beaches here have dog bans from Easter, so we go just before so our Ella can get some sand in her paws. We also like to avoid school holidays – much less busy and much cheaper. One benefit of not having children. Won’t stop me taking a bucket and spade though!

So, I better go and pack some more. If I can get online, I’ll post some pics.

Hywl fawr am y tro!

Goodbye for now x

Keeping Warm

After a long spell of mild and wet weather, we finally got a bit of proper Winter and had a tiny sprinkling of snow. About time! Unfortunately,  it is back to grey and wet, but is still cold so I though I should get on with some gloves. Here’s a pair made from Merino wool,  lovely and soft. ..


Sorry, pic no that good,it’s very dull today. These are for sale at £12. I have a number of pairs available at Kooky Nook in Okehampton (next to the museum) along with various cowls and scarves. I think i will now make some more hats, so much to make, so little time!



Success in Belstone

Last Sundays fair turned out to be a happy ending for this years crafting, as I managed to equal my best ever takings!

It was a very slow start but picked uo right at the end thanks to some purchases by local ladies 🙂 …and I won a bottle of sparkly on the tombola (doesn’t look very drinkable – very sweet and sickly pink fizz, but will take it up to Mums for Xmas anyway. Theres bound to be use for it in a cocktail!).

I have a bit more of a plan regarding next years makes, I now have a good idea of what sells (and what doesn’t), so will be better prepared for next years fairs. Once I have finished some commissions and a couple of pressies, I can get on with craft fair crochet. Can’t stop now, have rather a large stash of wool to get through! I keep buying more too, its an addiction!

The weather is pretty grim again, so it’s definitely a crochet day today. Might catch up on some Sherlock Holmes films while I’m at it – no,not that modern nonsense, am talking Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, all free on Youtube. Watched them as a youngster, you can’t beat the oldies:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, will catch up with you before Xmas








Brrr, time to get the woolies out!

Though we have had some lovely sunny weather, it is getting colder, so am now concentrating on cosy crocheting and have just made these fingerless mitts….

ribbed mitts

These are made from Peruvian Highland wool and have a ribbed cuff so are a lovely snug fit. I will be making another pair in the same wool though in a lovely dark green They are £13 a pair +p&p and am happy to ship anywhere 🙂

 I have also made a cowl with gorgeously soft, hand spun, hand dyed wool from Exeter, £25 +p&p. It is actually for sale at Kooky Nook though if you are interested, I can pop in and save it for you….

blueface cowl

Now I must get on, Dartmoor Chapel Crafts will be open for business again at the end of the month for the Xmas season, gotta get hooking!!